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TUV NORD Partner in Albania is held by the local company MODUS Ltd., founded in June 2008. Our activity consists in offering all services of TUV NORD in Albania, in the field of Certifications, Testing and Trainings.

Our personnel offers support in audits and inspections regarding Certification purposes.

Our working team offers support in audits and inspections for Certification. 


Every company, of any type of activity can book a FREE VISIT from the TUV NORD partner in Albania. Our will is to share with you advices and recommendations for the most suitable standard for your Certification. Since 2013 we bring the latest news and developments in the field of testing and certification, through periodic publications. Please feel free to contact us on Facebook for any question or concern. 


TUV Bulgaria - TÜV NORD GROUP releases DAkkS Accredited Certificates (die Nationale Akkreditierungsstelle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), which are well-known and accepted worldwide because are issued conform regulations and unified procedures in an international level, equally standing with all certificates released from other accredited entities, member of IAF.

TÜV NORD holds Accreditation in all EA sectors.

TÜV Bulgaria is the responsible office for the activity in Albania.

The headquarters is located in Plovdiv.

The Certificate you gain is exactly the same as you would have gained under direct audit inspection of

TUV NORD Germany.

The Audits are performed by the best local and international experts.




There are not only the individual skills within a company that mark its success. The determination and ability to act quickly and be flexible conform new market conditions, as well as adapting to unexpected Client requests, plays a vital role. The System regards the way how you organize your work, activity and production processes.

System Certification is the main step forward to quality assurance over company performance.


There are included:

- ISO 9001:2015  (Organization)

- BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001  (Health and Safety at Work)

- SA 8000, SMETA, BSI  (Social Responsibility)

- ISO 27001  (Informatics Security)

- ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management)

- ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Certification)


Today there are more than 23 European Directives which cover the majority of the products that enter the EU Market: like domestic equipments, medical devices, games, cars, electronic devices, radio equipments, construction products, high speed rails, aviation, etc. etc.

Each one of this directive defines the product conformity evaluation to then decide their entrance into the EU market.


You must gain the:

- CE Mark CE   (Conform EU)

- EUROCODE Norms   (Product Testing for EU)

- GS Mark  (Electrical Products Safety)

- Bauart Mark  (Mechanical Products Safety)

- Fire Safe   (Fire Safe Testing)




Current changes on the food industry as a result of globalization; new food typologies and cultures; along with the permanent growth of consumer's demand oriented toward all food chain actors and suppliers; impose better Food Security and Quality.

The assessment from an Independent Accredited Body over conformity standards, is the sole recognized method that controls Conformity with the Standard Requirements.

Company Certification provides the consumer the assurance over the company goal and intentions to meet conformity over standards.


Some known standards are:

- HACCP   (Hazard Control Points)

- ISO 22000   (Food Safety)

- IFS   (International Food Standard)

- FSSC 22000   (ISO 22000 for Hypermarkets)

- GlobalGAP   (Production Processes and Origins)

- BRC   (International Brittain Standard)


TUV NORD GROUP is authorized to undertake the following professional activities to guarantee the Safety and Quality in all life sectors, touched by industry and commerce.


Some of the main activities are:

- Technical Environmental Inspections

(Gas emissions, Pollution, etc.)

- Building Inspections and Testing

(International Construction Act in EU)

- Mechanical Structures Inspection

- Metallic Structures Inspection

- Air Navigation Services Inspection

(EC Nr. 550/2004)

- Railway Industry Inspections

(IRIS-International Railway Industry Standard)



Due to the great energy need most developed important countries have like China, India, etc., all resources, no matter how insignificant they can be, disposed in the nature, like oil and gas, as well as raw petrol, everything has faced a growing pace. 

Despite this, their use creates pollution and the greenhouse effect.


Using efficiently these resourses is a well-known demand and as a crucial global problem with a vital importance for the earth. The Energy Problem is really important, especially for the Industry, being its major consumer.


In this case you will need:

- ISO 50001

Nowadays, where the environment protection has taken a primar position, certain environmental aspects must be included on the actual company management as key factors to determine quality and company development. Standards regard requirements that a Company must apply for Environment Management Systems.
The experience in implementation of Environment Management Systems, confirms that it has a direct impact over Innovative Development; Pollution Prevention; Protection of Natural Resources. The system provides the frame for a structured systematic approach on management features for the interactions betweeen Organization - Company - Environment.

Some of them are:

- ISO 14001:2015   (Environment Management)

- ISO 14065   (Greenhouse Gases Standard)

- FSC - CoC   (FSC Chain of Custody)

- PEFC   (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

- GMP   (Good Manufacturing Practices)

- Dir. 2002/91/EC (Building Energy Performance)



Vessels under pression due to their many specific characteristics and the delicate importance they hold, need in-depth testing before and during their use, followed by Independent Specialized Accredited Bodies.

TUV NORD GROUP is able to undertake specific tests and certify the testing results within a proper respective Certificate.

We base on European and International norms and directives, by respecting simultaneously the local national rules and norms.


We test as per:

- Directive  2010/35/EU "T-PED"

- ECE-R110

- Vessels under Pression 97/23/EC, 99/36/EC, 2010/35/EC, 87/404/EEC ose 2009/105 /EC marked CE.


Testing the Welding Activity and Procedures has been defined in a serial number of Standards EN 15614 and ASME sec. IX.

One of the main activities of our Technical Inspection Department and Product Certification TUV NORD, stands on the Testing of Welders as per the directive for vessels under pression OG 135/05.
Certification of the Welding Activity is defined within the standards like EN 287-1, EN 9606-

2/04/03, EN 1418, ASME sec. IX.

We can support you in:

- Individual Certification / Testing for Welders

- Certification / Testing of Weldings and Metallic Structures

- Certification / Testing of Weldings for Vessels under Pression

The Professional Trainings are offered under TUV NORD Certification and Accreditation, and can be attended by responsible persons employed within Companies, Offices or Enterprises actually Certified on ISO Standards.

We welcome as well all the ambitious professionals, interested to start or improve their career path into the Audit of Quality Standards.