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The most exclusive training offered for experienced auditors and/or interested persons in this sector, is the accredited 'LEAD AUDITOR' training, offered from the prestigious Independent Certification Body TUV Bulgaria - TUV NORD GROUP.


Now, this full immersion intensive training of 40 hours can be found in Tirana, Albania delivered from foreign lecturers holding a vast experience as expert auditors accredited by TUV NORD CERT.


Participation is such a training gives you the opportunity to Certify your knowledge over the main ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and equipps you with an International Accredited Certificate as Lead Auditor from TUV NORD.

In-House Seminars/Trainings


The perfect scenario required in all companies or enterprises holding production activities, is the existence of a Responsible Person for the Quality Management System. If your company already holds an ISO Certificate or intends to gain a Certification, our TUV Bulgaria - TUV NORD GROUP staff, can train directly in-house within your company facilities, the responsible person for the Quality Management System, saving you time while assuring you continuity on QUALITY.

>> If correctness, objectivity, continuity, the Name and Prestige of your Company are important for you, then please contact us.<<