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TUV NORD in Albania Rep. Office
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Who are we?



TÜV NORD Business Partner in Albania is the company MODUS sh.p.k., established in June 2008.

Our activity is to provide all services of TÜV NORD in Albania, in the field of Certification, Testing and Training. Our working group provides audits and inspections for Certification.


In many sectors we interact with International Experts and Laboratories of TÜV NORD GROUP, who have the necessary experience and security to provide the service requested by Albanian Companies.

In Albania we have the cooperation and expertise of many experts in various fields.

TÜV NORD in Albania operates under the direction of TÜV NORD Bulgaria, which is 100% owned by

TÜV NORD in Germany.

TÜV NORD Bulgaria - TÜV NORD GROUP issues DAkkS Accredited Certificates. (die Nationale Akkreditierungsstelle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), which are known all over the world because they are issued according to rules and procedures internationally uniformed, equivalent to those issued by accredited bodies of other IAF members.


TÜV NORD is Accredited for all EA sectors and is present with tens of thousands of experts in most countries of the world. This ensures simpler contact, competence, compliance with legislation and customer service at all stages of inspection and certification.


The certificate you receive is the same as passing the audit directly to TÜV NORD Germany.

The audit is performed by the best local and international experts.

Every day, many people around the world rely on the security of our services, a great responsibility firmly anchored in the spirit of TÜV NORD.

In various fields, we must constantly demonstrate our ability to accompany future clients in a safe way.


This requires that the values be not only expressed in paper, but be present every day and in all our activities, as well as the Independence, Objectivity, Neutrality and Integrity that are the basis of the tradition, internal and external success of our company.


Kerkesa u dergua me sukses!

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